Why You Need a Roofing Contractor During Winter


If you live somewhere where the winters can be pretty harsh like Massachusetts you may be thinking no one in their right mind would consider doing roofing repairs or replacement during this time. But actually it happens more than you might think and a lot of roofing contractors offer year round services even in regions that are cold and snowy. For a roofing contractor carrying out his job is not that different to the rest of year with a few exceptions, and there are even some crews that prefer the winter time work to the summer time. So let’s look at the arguments against working in the winter and why they are not actually valid because using a roof contractor in the winter is a better idea than some might think!


6 Reasons Why Getting a Roofing Contractor During Winter Is a Wise Choice

The temperature is too cold for replacing a roof

If it was too cold the roofing contractor and the crew working with him would not offer their services year round. If they are happy to be hired and work there is no need to worry about them they are obviously used to it. In fact a lot of crews prefer the cold to the heat of the summer. When it is 90 degrees down there it feels like 110 degrees up on your roof and that is not any fun at all. For some working in cold is far better than working in extreme heat. So if it is too cold for you, stay indoors and let the contractor and workers get on!

My roof has too much snow in it

Snow can be shoveled. That is the beauty of snow shovels. It takes a crew no time to clear off the snow off a roof in winter time. Maybe 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the size of the roof. And most professional roofing contractors will not charge you for that time since they are there to replace the roof and getting to it is part of the job. Yes the crew needs to take care moving around up there while they clean it off but that is true whatever the conditions. Falling off is something they all have to prepare for and learn not to do! They take their safety seriously and if they are happy to take on the job you can feel okay about hiring them.

Frozen roof repair - Massachusetts

The above two statements are the common reasons why people do not hire roofers in winter or think that it actually should not be done then. Now here are four reasons why it is a better idea than they realize.

Leaks can be caused by ice dams

Harsh winters can test your roof and your home far more than any other time and the most common cause of leaking roofs during this season are ice dams. An ice dam forms when melting snow runs down over the roof and drips over the eaves and then freezes there. In Massachusetts and other cold states roofing contractors with experience will use something called an ice and water barrier with proper techniques like drip edge flashing to stop the ice dams from causing further leaks and damage to your home. When done correctly this gives your house an extra 3 feet of protection from all the roof edges. If you live in an older home with an old roof it is possible there is no ice and water barrier put in. Getting your roof done while ice dams are happening can ensure it is done correctly and that those ice dams will not be a problem in future winters.

If your roof is in bad condition, winter will highlight the problems

If you roof was already a problem area needing fixing come winter those problems are more obvious and are going to get worse, leaving you with a huge problem when Spring arrives if not before. Dams are not the only problem that can happen on your roof in winter. As the temperature changes your roof which causes older shingles to crack and curl.  Also if you have curled shingles and there is a large fall of wet heavy snow that weight could cause those curled shingles to crack further. This could lead to a leak in the roof causing damage in your home too. Then when the snow freezes even more damage is done to those old shingles. Winters see a lot of thawing and refreezing shifts and that is something old roofing cannot handle well. Best to get in a contractor who works in the winter to spot those old shingles and replace them, or just to get a new roof done.

ice roof repair

May be able to save yourself some money!

Another great reason to hire roofing contractors in the winter is that because it is a slower time of year for them you might get a better price than in the summer when they are in demand. They are also more likely to be available when you want them to be rather than busy on other projects and making you wait. Re-roofing a home especially a larger one can cost a fair chunk of money so saving some by choosing to do it now may be a great option. You should still be able to get the same warranty on labor whether it is installed in warm months or cold ones. By hiring roofing contractors in the winter they will not have to lay off crews when work is not coming in.

So if you have a house and its roof needs working on but it is winter time for you do not hesitate. Call around and look for contractors that still work and find one you are happy with to get the work done. Why put off till Spring something that people are happy and able to do right now?

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