Seattle Roofing Contractors


Seattle, Washington, home of grunge, commercial coffee, the space needle and all the sleet and rain a person could want! This could be a great place to build a home but to get that roof right so that it protects you from that weather you need to find a good Seattle roofing contractor. The roof is such an important part of a home, how it looks and how it protects against the elements. Also important though is its durability and longevity. Nobody wants to invest in a roof that needs repairs or replacing in just 5 years. A roofing contractor who know what they are doing can make your home look attractive and last.


Seattle’s Weather

Roofing contractors that do good work are essential in this part of the country because of the harsh weather conditions we get. Rain and sleet are common as are other harsher conditions and you need to know your roof can take whatever nature has to throw at it. Getting a contractor who lives in Seattle and who knows the weather and what they need to do to protect your home is vital. They will know what materials work best and last longer in such conditions. You also want to make sure your house fits in with the others around you. Search for a Seattle roofing contractor online so you can get a good deal and get the right contractor for you that will finish the job to your satisfaction.

Why get a contractor

seattle-wa-homeSometimes there may be the temptation to do the work yourself thinking it will save you money or just because you are unsure of how good the contractors are in your area. However there is a lot of work that goes into this, getting all of the materials, making sure you have all the components necessary, permits and licenses, and equipment to keep you safe. Even if you are the DIY type getting your roof done is going to be a lot of work.

A contractor already should be licensed, he has suppliers set up and can get discounts on materials, he know what components are needed and has the equipment necessary. He has dealt with roofing in the harsh conditions of Seattle before and know what he is doing. Experience goes a long way with this kind of work.

Roofing Organizations

Most contractors are also members of a roofing association or organization under which there are standards and guidelines that are strictly enforced. The contractor has to show their work to the association and poor work could result in them being removes as bad roofing reflects badly on the other members of the association and the organization as a whole. Contractors are under pressure to do a good job every time they work in Seattle so it is worth considering hiring one from an association because there is a better chance of professional attitudes, work and results.

An example is Seattle Roof Brokers, an organization that has over 500 members based in the Puget Sound. Between them there is fifty years of experience and understanding Seattle roofing needs. They will know what kind of roof you need and materials to suggest to you. You could contact them and they could connect you to one or more contractors to ask for quotes and talk to. This saves you having to find individual contractors to look at.

What should you expect from a contractor?

When you have narrowed down the possibilities you should do a background research on them. Ask for references from previous customers and companies they have worked for. You can then talk to them and find out the kind of work ethics and quality of work they provide. He should have licenses for working, insurance for any employees and the workers should be courteous when you see them. Get the best value for your money and make sure you feel like your opinions are listened to and you get the roof you need. If you are not happy with the work you should have a guarantee of either a free new roof or your money back. Work should be completed on time and within budget. A good contractor in Seattle can meet those needs.

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