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San Diego, California is a place full of life, be it the people in the city, the zoos, the wildlife. In the mild climate all year round you could find a place to settle and call your own here very easily. But if you decide to build a place from scratch one of the things you are going to need is a roofing contractor you can trust. The roof may not be the sexiest part of building your own home but if you are going to properly protect all that snazzy kitchen and everything you want to put in your home you need a roof that is done well and a San Diego roofing contractor you can trust to do it.

A roof is your protection against the elements, it will keep out the dryness and the humidity that the weather can commonly switch between here. For a roof designed by someone who knows San Diego and what the houses need you need a contractor from that area so that you get someone who is willing to put in the time to give you what you need.


Turning to the SDRCA for the Best Roofing Companies

The SDRCA or the San Diego Roofing Contractors Association ensures that there are high standards for roofing contractors in San Diego that contractors have to meet in order to be a member and work in the area. This association was established in 1957 with the intention of not just setting high roofing practices and standards but also to help the public in their awareness of roofing options and what to look for in a good roof! A member of the SDRCA is licensed and insured too so if you need to find a San Diego roofing contractor this is a great place to approach.

This not an exclusive club of members looking down at other contractors. It encourages free enterprise and competition but it also encourages contractors to be bonded, licensed and insured and to be able to offer evidence of that to prospective clients. The SDRCA also expect roofing contractors and the people they have working for them to have a professional, respectful and polite manner at all times. No-one wants rude people in their yards, or a roofing expert that is driving you crazy.

There are four key memberships in the SDRCA, associate members, contractor members, manufacturer members and supplier members. The associate members offer support to the contractors and are the ones who provide insurance or manufacturer gutters. The contractor members are the roofing contractors who do the work on your business or home. There is a list of these members on the SDRCA website listened alphabetically. The manufacturer members are business who make the roofing materials or make tiles and construction metals for creating roofs. Finally the supplier members are those stores in the area who sell to homeowners and companies who want to be able to carry out repairs themselves. The site has a list of the supplier members too for anyone who wants to DIY. For wholesale stores, supply stores and so on check out Spring Valley, San Marcos, National City and El Cajon.

Reaching out to the contractors

When you have one or more contractors you are ready to contact there are some questions you should have ready to ask as well as some paperwork to ask for. These include a license from the city, a roofing contractors license and a C-39 from the State of California. Some contractors have license but do not re-new them so check that, and also make sure the license he has applies to where the work is happening and that he has the right permits too.


Also check that he has Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance and he has issued an original Certificate of Insurance for each employee working on your roof. This is for your own protection should something happen. Check out the company‚Äôs background and ask for references so you can talk to previous customers. Make sure you do not pay in full before the work is done. That is not a standard expectation from any roofing contractor worth hiring. Have a contract drawn up with agreed upon start and completion dates. Make sure it includes a roof guaranty and a warranty from the manufacturer.

The SDRCA feels strongly that roofing contractors who are professional and honest should have the right licenses, be committed to giving a professional service and carrying out work of high quality, have good customer service skills, be ethical and reliable.

To find a San Diego roofing contractor have a look at the directories online. The SDRCA site has all the information you need to ensure you get a great roofing contractor and a great roof to fit a wonderful home. Enjoy your new life in San Diego, California!

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