Kitchen Remodeling


Having a brand new remodeled kitchen will add value to your home if you are planning on selling and because of that and the fact it is the center of the home, it is the most popular project house owners decide to undertake. Remodeling your kitchen therefore makes sense as it gives the highest return, whatever forms your remodeling takes. It is also a choice that makes practical sense, you can live with an old and tired living room, but when the kitchen gets old and tired this can be a problem in the place where you feed your family. It is though also the most complicated project to take on but the results are often amazing and worth the work.


There are several important things to think about when remodeling your kitchen. Getting energy efficient kitchen appliances makes a lot of sense as not only is it better for the environment it will save you money on your energy bills. You can also do things like replace windows if they are old so that there is no longer a draft there letting out the warm air and letting in the cold costing you money. It is a large job and with the appliances, cabinets, floor, counter tops, windows and cost of labor all added together it is an expensive one too. But with that value added to your home it is more of an investment.

Any room when carrying out remodeling needs commitment and creativity but in the kitchen there are also important practical issues to work out. Do you have enough storage space, do you have enough work top space, making sure appliances fit and can be connected, is their enough lighting over often used spaces like the sink and where you cook? When you make informed choices along the way you can end up with a great kitchen you are proud to cook in.

Working with the Right People

kitchenThere are a number of people who are going to be involved in working from the design you and your kitchen designer came up with. Builders, contractors, electricians, plumbers, floor installers, cabinetry craftsman and so on! You need to make sure therefore that the contractor you use has the same kind of expectations and standards that you do so that you get what you are expecting. After you have chosen things like appliances, lighting, cabinetry, counter tops and flooring it is time for the actual work to begin. This is when your contractor and his craftspeople should do things like process the finalization of getting a permit, demolition and so on. Here are the six steps a good contractor should be taking to create your dream kitchen.

1) Permits and plans covered

All renovations and remodeling require certain plans and permits to be submitted and received and the kitchen perhaps has more needed than most. Where you live can change those permit requirements as each jurisdiction is different and your contractor needs to know what he needs to do in order for all the work to be done above board, legal and professional. From the kitchen design he takes the plumbing, mechanical, structural and electrical plans. If needed they can be reviewed by engineers before being turned into construction documents to be submitted and approved for construction permits.

2) Working in a safe manner

Your kitchen while being renovated is not a place for children or pets. There will be some seeming chaos before things start to look like a kitchen again. Studs and nails may be exposed, wires out, flooring is up and so on. These are all things that could be a safety risk and it will also get messy in there. Your contractor should try to minimize the impact this has on the rest of the home by putting in dust barriers and floor protection.

3) Demolition and squaring off the room

The first few days of remodeling a kitchen go into turning off things like water, electrical and gas lines that are there for existing appliances. Then things will be ripped out – cabinets, flooring, appliances, counter tops and so on. The kitchen will be gutted and at this point things look a bit scary but keep with it! If you have items you do not need you might consider at this point donating to places like Habitat for Humanity. Anything not being donated should be dealt with by your contractor who takes them to a landfill. Then the squaring of the room takes place which in an older house or if this is part of larger renovations can be a somewhat complicated process.

4) Time for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

Up to step 4 everything that has been done has been using general craftsmen however now is when trade contractors come in for MEP purposes. Electricians, HVAC mechanics and Plumbers will come in to ‘rough in’ the lines they need. The designer should be there for this stage to monitor that everything is being put where you want it based on the design you agreed with.

5) Inspecting the Building

Inspectors are now brought in by the contractor to check that the work being undertaken is up to code. When they have issued stickers to confirm this, the job continues.


6) Putting in the new choices

Now things can start to be put in and redone. The open walls can be insulated and have drywall put on, the flooring can be laid, then cabinets, appliances and counter tops can be put in. When everything is installed the carpentry can be trimmed and then the painting can be done. Then it is a matter of cleaning up and settling up.

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